Several years ago I began looking for a qualified Pilates Instructor.  My friends and family recommended someone that they knew to be highly qualified and would be a good fit for me.  As I have certain specific physical limitations I wanted someone who would take these challenges into consideration.  I contacted Ms. Elysabeth Gelesky to discuss these limitations. 

Elysabeth is a Certified Instructor and conducts private customized sessions for each of her clients.  She draws on her years of experience to develop sessions that address certain physical situations.  She is tuned in to my physical well being.  She has developed special exercises that have improved my lung functioning.  I cannot imagine how my lungs would be without these sessions!  These sessions are not limited to one part of my body.  She guides me through exercises that work every part of my body.  I have seen much improvement in my overall physical well being and I am grateful for the successful outcome of our Pilates partnership.  I have a lot more work that needs to be accomplished and I look forward to working with Elysabeth in the coming years.  


Two people for whom I am truly thankful are Joe Pilates, the creator of "Pilates" and Elysabeth Gelesky, who has been my guide and trainer in the "Pilates" method for the past twelve years. It is practicing Pilates under Elysabeth's firm but gentle guidance to which I attribute my successful transition through menopause without loss of stature, strength or balance. Since taking up a regular practice of Pilates I haven't suffered from depression, to which I had been prone. I think it is because Pilates keeps any tension from building up in the body. I do advanced Pilates work now, but through every level of experience Elysabeth knew how to challenge me. At the same time, she made sure I was safe as I developed a strong core and amazing range of motion. I recommend Pilates for All Seasons to everyone, no matter what time of life they are in.


To my surprise I could feel a distinct improvement even after my first session with Elysabeth! I am quite new to Pilates, as of this writing I have done only 10 sessions. Even though I have always been quite active physically, now that I am in my 60s those years of wear and tear, and occasional injuries have taken a  toll. I was losing flexibility; and chronic issues with my back, hip and knees were becoming more and more painful limiting many of my activities and sapping my energy. Several people recommended Elysabeth to me, and I could see how they had benefitted from working with her, so I decided to give it a try. What a change! Already my back is free of chronic pain. I can go for a walk without spasms making it an ordeal and those shooting pains that would wake me up at night are gone. My whole body is getting more and more flexible and my energy is returning. There is still a lot of work to do to rebalance my body but I am so motivated to keep training. Elysabeth is a great trainer. She is patient and gentle and she knows how to challenge me without pushing me past my body's limits. She can innovate and adapt the moves to address my specific problems. She shows me exercises I can incorporate into my regular gym workouts or do at home. Now instead of feeling like I am ready for the old rocking chair I am looking forward to the activities I love!


"I started working with Elysabeth in October of 2014 1 day a week to to supplement my CrossFit/Olympic style weightlifting training. This has been the perfect fit. I am 5'9" 205 pounds and I have been active my entire life with sports and working out. Pilates has been very challenging to me because it has required me to learn to use my body in a whole new way. Elysabeth taught me to focus on my core stability and breathing which has helped me reached new goals as a weightlifter. I never thought I would enjoy Pilates this much! Elysabeth understands my goals and keeps me feeling challenged every week."

Paul Archambault, Head Coach at Crossfit Manayunk